IAP Drug Formulary - Editorial
Dr. Upendra Kinjawadekar - IAP President 2023
Dear friends,

The post covid era is still throwing multiple challenges at the current age pediatrician while making a diagnosis and treating the unusual presentations of some old infections. The current adenoviral infection wave running across the country and the discussions on various academic forums about the use of cidofovir which most of us have never used before or IVIG has reconfirmed the fact that we need to be updated about use of various drugs in day-to-day practice.

We know that Drugs should only be prescribed when they are necessary, and in all cases the benefit of administering the medicine should be considered in relation to the risks involved. 
And that is where precisely the role of IAPDF comes in which guides the clinician in all these aspects. The wholesome foursome of pocket dose book, IAPDF mob app, its online version and the textbook completes the reference material that a pediatrician should have. It’s almost 4 years since we published the hard copy textbook edition and I’m sure under the IAP action plan 2023, our dynamic editor in chief Dr Jeeson Unni and the editorial team of IAPDF will ensure that soon we will have the much-awaited 6th hard copy textbook edition.

I wish all the web updates for 2023, its online version and all publications of the IAP Drug Formulary - a reverberating success and to all our users an enriching experience.

Dr Upendra Kinjawadekar
National President 2023
Indian Academy of Pediatrics