IAP Drug Formulary - Installation
IAP Drug Formulary after 15+ successful years is coming out with its upgraded version for the 
a. Website
b. Windows Desktop Installable App
c. Android App
d. iOS App

We thank all existing users for their patronage over the last 15+ years in making this a success story and we look forward to providing them an improved and user friendly access on the above platforms to make their Formulary search experience even better.

Please read the below instructions carefully on how you can login to the new apps (for existing and new users):

NOTE: The existing apps (old version) will not be updatable from now on, so we request you all to install the new apps as per the instructions below:

Windows Desktop Installable App
The new Windows Desktop Installable App has to be downloaded by clicking on this link DOWNLOAD Windows Desktop Installable App 

Existing Users: If you have been downloading update for the old Windows Desktop app then you must have registered on the website with your CD serial Number and email id. You can login on the website using this email id. You will be sent an OTP to your registered email id. Use that OTP to login.
Once you log in you can click on My Profile link to view your profile information and also view all the licenses (mobile and windows desktop app) in your account. You can download the Windows desktop installer here and install it on your windows desktop.

While installing you will be prompted to enter your CD serial number / Email ID, please enter the same to register on the device. You will be sent an OTP to your email id to validate the installation.
These steps are only to be done while registering, you will not be asked to validate again. You will be notified when future updates are available, click on the SYNC button to install the latest web updates. 

If you have not registered with your CD serial number on the website and not been downloading the updates. Click here to register your old CD serial number. You will be sent a confirmation email and then you can use your registered email to login and download the windows desktop installable app installer.

If you want to purchase a new Windows Desktop installer. Click on the purchase link here to buy the keys online.

Mobile App (Android / iOS)
There are 2 ways to procure the Mobile app key license.
a. Registering for the Free app key on the website, you will be emailed the app key once your credentials are validated on the form. 
b. By Purchasing the app key on the website Click here. You will be emailed the app key by the administrators to login to the mobile apps.

For any further queries on IAP Drug formulary please write to us at jeeson1955@gmail.com