IAP Drug Formulary - Introduction
This IAP DF Web Update 2024 (2), which is ready for download, is the 72nd Web Edition and the 70th Web Update of the IAP Drug Formulary. This edition contains 2 new drug monographs and 1 new protocol for a disease entity - Dosage Adjustment of Medications in Obese Adolescents. The contributor’s list has been updated. The Android app has been further optimised and a new update is available on the Play store. The App is also available on the iOS App store.

We also have a brand-new website as part of the IAPDF 2.0 launch. Please read the release notes for more information.

On the mobile apps, IAP Essential Medicines List and General Prescribing Information links have been added. The user interface of the mobile apps has been improved to make it more user friendly. It is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Symbian and Blackberry. This facility along with the IAP Drug Formulary 2024 - 6th hard copy edition released at PEDICON 2024 in Kochi, the Online Desktop and PDA version and the Pocket Dose Book of Medicines in Children and Adolescents (7th edition) have made this formulary a wholesome product. The mobile app and the Online Desktop and PDA version, empowers the user to browse all the data from ones Desktop or any model of mobile phones/PDAs with internet connection from anywhere in the world. This quarterly web publication of the IAP continues to be the first drug formulary in the world that provides such a facility.

The IAP Drug Formulary 2024 textbook (6th hard copy edition of the formulary), the mobile apps, other publications of IAP DF and the Online Desktop and PDA/mobile phone version may be bought either by paying online at our website www.iapdrugformulary.com or by sending a DD in favour of IAP Drug Formulary payable at Kochi (for Indian buyers only) to our IAP Drug Formulary office at Cochin (address given on purchase or contact us page on the website) - online purchase is preferred.

All users are requested to register at the site - www.iapdrugformulary.com - as soon as they buy the software so that their data and mobile app Key would be available in our archives for recall in case the user loses the same. We would also be able to send the user newsletters regarding availability of latest updates if the users e mail id is available on the website registration form. Please read through installation and update tips available at the site.

The Formulary contains information, which, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and up-to-date. But every practitioner must, as we have always insisted, take individual responsibility for taking all precautions when dispensing and administering drugs to children. We are looking forward to comments and criticism regarding the update.

We place on record, our sincere thanks to IAP President 2023 Dr Upendra Kinjawadekar and IAP Hon Secretary General Dr Vineet Saxena and their OB and EB for their support; and are assured of similar encouragement and guidance from our IAP President 2024 Dr Basavaraja GV and IAP Hon Secretary General 24-25 Dr Yogesh Parekh, their OB and EB 2024; the Executive Committee of IAP CMIC for their encouragement and help and all the IAP Sub Chapters and the contributors for their
expert inputs. 

The IAP Drug Formulary 2024 is the result of inputs from contributors who are experts in their respective specialties and we are indebted to them for sparing their time and expertise for this project. We thank Pixel Studio, Ernakulam for printing works. We request all Chairpersons and Secretaries of our sub chapters to continue updating their respective chapters to make this quarterly web publication of the IAP a success. SIDSSOL Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore has continued to be very professional and astute in their work. We place on record our sincere thanks to IAP Cochin Branch for allowing us to use their office space free of cost. Useful and meaningful quarterly updates will continue to be made available so that this ongoing publication of IAP meets international standards and continues to be sought after by all those caring for children and adolescents.

Indian Academy of Pediatrics,
Dr. Basavaraja GV
IAP President 2024

Dr Jeeson C Unni
IAP Drug Formulary

Dr. Yogesh Parikh
IAP Hon General Secretary

Dr. Samir Shah
Chairperson IAP CMIC

Dr. Ajoy Kumar
Secretary IAP CMIC